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Gold Plated Or Real? Critical Information You Need To Know When Buying Jewelry!

I recently had an inquiry though our website contact form as to the meaning of this marking on a piece of jewelry: “CRP 10K”. Does that mean that the item is gold plated, or is it 10 karat gold? …Read More NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, works together with talented artisan designers around the […]

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About 15 Carat Gold Antique Jewellery

Are you fascinated by Antique Jewellery and vintage jewellery or just want to buy a piece as a special gift or heirloom? If so you you need to know that the piece you are buying is a genuine antique and not …Read More

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Women’s Jewelry Vs Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry and women are truly two words that cannot be separated. You think of jewelry and the first thing that people will think is women. Even though men’s jewelry has been existed for long time enough to shake the intimacy between …Read More pendant earrings set is a complete jewelry for a working woman.Own real […]

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How Not To Get RIPPED OFF Selling Your Gold Jewelry

Read this before you sell your gold! In this difficult economy, more and more people are selling their gold jewelry for cash. Have you seen the people standing out on street corners, spinning their “WE BUY YOUR GOLD” signs, beckoning you to …Read More Bring out her best smile with this brilliant pendant and earrings […]

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Gold Jewellery – Should I Buy 9K or 24K?

More than just a price tag difference! Most of us understand jewellery at an emotional level… we understand how it makes us feel, but little about how it is made and the materials it is made from. In fact, it is …Read More

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