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How to Start a Jewelry Store

This has been an age old argument from jewelers all over the world…what is the best color to display jewelry on? You know every store, mall cart or artist likes to use a number of display options: bracelet ramps, earring trees, …Read More NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, works together with talented artisan designers […]

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Fashion Jewelry and the Secrets You Should Know

For most ladies, wearing Fashion Jewelry is a simple approach to attempt new looks or to liven into your current closet. Keeping your adornments looking great will keep you look awesome as well. Fashion jewelry, otherwise called costume jewelry is usually …Read More * Charmingly beautiful look of yours will get complimented on wearing this […]

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6 Benefits to Wearing Jewelry

Silver Jewelry Silver has numerous health properties that have been used across time and culture. It is a powerful disinfectant agent that aids in cold and flu prevention, wound healing and skin care. Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation …Read More This delightful nautical necklace and dangle earring set adorns a gracious […]

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Fashion Jewelry Redefines Feminine Grace

There’s wearing ornamental pieces made of gold, platinum, and silver, and then there’s opportunity to wear fashion statement jewelry. With the modern lifestyle adding different dimensions to the experience of wearing jewelry, the contemporary women are bound to add a piece …Read More This exquisite handmade peacock feather necklace and matching earring set adorns a […]

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Tips to Price Custom Jewelry Orders

Rule of thumb; never give a quote up front. Tell the client that once the custom handmade jewelry design has been approved you will get back to them within a week with the actual cost of fabricating the piece and the …Read More This statement feather necklace pendant and drop earring set adorns the sensational […]

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